About Us

Your specialist in high voltage installations and electrical projects tailored for the industrial sector

About Us

At DKE NV, we are a small and dynamic enterprise with expertise in designing, installing, maintaining, renewing, and repairing electrical systems. Become a part of our robust and motivated team, consisting of 35 seasoned specialists. Our company’s flat structure promotes seamless communication and fosters a relaxed working atmosphere.

If you seek an engaging role that offers ample opportunities for personal development, you’ve found the perfect fit with us.


Established as a sole proprietorship in 1978, DKE NV has evolved over the past 45 years, now boasting its own factory and a workforce of 35 technicians.


DKE NV aspires to be the customer’s reliable and trusted partner in the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.


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Environmentally friendly installations

In an ever-evolving energy landscape, the imperative for sustainable green power installations has become undeniable. We offer expert guidance on enhancing the energy efficiency of your installations.


Proactive maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance not only fulfill legal obligations but also minimize the risk of production loss caused by unplanned downtime.


Innovative and original solutions

Each new project commences with a series of information and consultation sessions. This process enables us to align with the client’s expectations, comprehend the requirements, and envision the desired outcomes.


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Successfully delivered projects

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“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

Thomas Edison