High Voltage

DKE NV provides its clients with a comprehensive range in high voltage up to 40 kV. Our core activities encompass both study and design, as well as the installation of new substations or modifications to existing installations. Within our company, we possess the expertise to successfully complete every project.

In industrial works, it is crucial to act promptly and be prepared for any situation. A thorough study before the commencement of the works is necessary to minimise disruption or production loss. Therefore, we are ready to work on weekends or make adjustments and/or transitions at night if necessary.

At present, the focal point of our activities lies in electro-technical projects for the industry. We provide all our clients with highly professional dossier management. Every phase of the project, from engineering and design to after-sales service, is meticulously monitored by our expert staff in close collaboration with the client.

DKE NV takes pride in building a relationship of trust with its clients, aiming for long-term collaborations. Our 24-hour service and highly flexible scheduling have allowed us for years to serve a satisfied customer base.

We specialise in various services, including:

  • Supply and installation of HV transformers
  • Supply and installation of HV substations (cabines)
  • Installation of HV motors
  • Modification of existing HV installations

Featured Project

For all our services, a team of specialists is ready, equipped with a fully outfitted intervention vehicle. Our technical staff has received all necessary training to carry out the works with utmost safety and craftsmanship. We prioritise ongoing training to ensure our team stays at the forefront of industry standards, guaranteeing excellence in every project we undertake.

Cabine 1250 kVA