Service & Maintenance

Proactive maintenance and 24/7 emergency service for unexpected breakdowns

Any defect in the electrical installation can result in time and/or production loss for the customer. In the current system of just-in-time deliveries, companies seek optimization of their installation.

Service and maintenance play an essential role in this. Regular and well-executed maintenance extends the lifespan of your installation and machinery, reducing the risk of production loss due to unwanted downtime.

Upon request, we can work together with the customer to develop a proposal for preventive maintenance that meets the specific requirements of their technical installation.


To ensure optimal service, DKE NV has an extensive stock of spare parts and a reliable fleet with fully equipped service vehicles.

Repairs and/or renewals of specific components of your electrical installation may become necessary to guarantee optimal productivity. Particularly, switchgear components (contactors, circuit breakers, motor protections, etc.) are subject to wear and tear.

We have a department specialised in overhauling slides or plates of older MCC panels or switchboards. Another specialty is replacing old LS panels with new ones. A glance at our achievements will immediately provide you with more information.

Featured Project

For all our services, a team of specialists is ready, equipped with a fully outfitted intervention vehicle. Our technical staff has received all necessary training to carry out the works with utmost safety and craftsmanship. We prioritise ongoing training to ensure our team stays at the forefront of industry standards, guaranteeing excellence in every project we undertake.

Service & Onderhoud

Achievements in service & maintenance